We Find Ourselves in the Fourth Quarter of Life

In football, the "fourth quarter" is it. Time is running out. There are only a few opportunities left. 

If you're ahead, there is a feeling of anticipation of the win. Yet, there is also a feeling of holding the line. The defense has to work hard to preserve and expand your lead.  There may be just enough time to accomplish it all.  Or not.

If you're behind, there is a sense of urgency to pull ahead, to make that play that will turn the tides in your favor.  here is still hope...if even against all odds.

It's October!!  We're in the "fourth quarter" of 2021. Time is running out. There are only a few weeks left to accomplish all you intended to accomplish in 2021. Can you make it?

What about 2022? It's time to start setting those goals...and what will they be?

In golf, my husband wants to hit 200 yards on his drive before winter sets in. In his yard, he wants his grass to grow before it's too late for this year. 

For me, I want to double the size of my...

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Have You Ever Felt Like This?

When God asks you to do something new, is this how you feel? 

"Oh, I'm safe inside here....do I have to come out of my shell?"

"It's comfortable here, must I leave my current cozy life?"

"I'm not sure God, do you really want me to do that?"

I remember the first time God asked me to do something.  I heard his voice.  I heard it distinctly.  I remember exactly where I was.  I was probably ten years into being Christian.

I hesitated.  I pondered.  I considered. 

He asked me to enter a contest on a Christian radio station. There was a deadline...I had about a month before the contest would be over. I had plenty of time; it wasn't urgent. 

I considered it again.  I waited.  It sat on my heart.

I kept hearing the radio ad....I started considering it more.

Then God gave me the exact idea to use...he gave me the words!

Okay.  I considered it again.

The idea was original and sweet, only something God could come up with.

The station...

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