Linda Mooreโ€™s Story of Hope and Redemption After an Abortion

Jan 11, 2023

It's been over 57 years since I had my first abortion. I was young and scared and didn't know how to tell my family or friends. So, I kept it hidden, a secret burdening my soul. For years, I tried to forget it ever happened. But the guilt and shame always lingered, no matter how much success I achieved in my career or how happy I was raising my daughter. It affected me for 57 years until I finally found the strength to confront what happened head-on. 

The Unthinkable Choice

It all started when I got pregnant at 18 years old. I was in my first year of college and had no ambition or goals. I was young, naïve, and in a relationship with a man who wasn't ready to be a father. My parents both wanted me to have the perfect life. There was no way I could tell them I was pregnant—they would have been devastated. So, I made the decision to have an abortion. 

It wasn't easy, but I rationalized it by telling myself that it was for the best. After all, how could I raise a...

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How to Forgive Yourself After an Abortion

Jan 11, 2023

The act of forgiving is one of the most difficult things a person can do. It requires empathy, understanding, and a willingness to see beyond your own pain. It is a process that takes time, effort, and intentionality. But if you are willing to do the work, then forgiveness is possible. And when you finally forgive yourself, you will know it. You will feel lighter emotionally, have peace of mind, and enjoy improved self-confidence. 

Forgiveness begins with taking that first step. In fact, it may be the missing ingredient you need to start living your life fully again. Here's how to recognize if you haven't forgiven yourself yet—and what you can do about it.

Signs You Have Not Forgiven Yourself 

  1. You avoid thinking about abortion altogether. 

The thought of your abortion fills you with shame, guilt, and regret. So, you try to avoid thinking about it entirely. You stuff down the memories and pretend they never happened. But by avoiding your feelings, you're only...

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How to Find Hope and Healing After An Abortion

Jan 11, 2023

Abortion. It's a subject that often brings up intense emotions, memories, and feelings of guilt and shame. If you're a Christian woman who has had an abortion, you may be struggling with how to find hope and healing after such a difficult experience. You may be wondering if God can forgive you and if you can ever forgive yourself. The good news is that there is hope, and there is healing after abortion. 


Here are three things you can do to begin the journey of inner healing. 

  1. Acknowledge Your Feelings 

The first step to inner healing is acknowledging your feelings. This can be hard to do, especially if you've been bottling up your emotions for a long time. Maybe you've told yourself  that you need to "just get over it" or "forgive and forget." But the truth is, those things take time. And it's okay to grieve the loss of your child. In fact, it's healthy to grieve. So allow yourself to feel the range of emotions you're experiencing without...

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5 Things Every Christian Woman Must Know About Post-Abortion Recovery

Jan 11, 2023

It’s been a few weeks, months, or even years since your abortion. You may have told a few people or maybe you’ve kept it hidden deep inside. Regardless, you know the abortion happened and you can’t stop thinking about it. The what-ifs and if-onlys play on repeat in your head. You feel shame, worthlessness, and hopelessness. You may believe that God has abandoned you because of what you’ve done. You may not even consider yourself a Christian anymore. If any of this describes how you are feeling, please read on for five things every Christian woman needs to know about post-abortion recovery. 

It’s possible no matter how old you are.

There is hope for healing no matter how many years it’s been since your abortion happened. I once worked with a woman in her seventies who had an abortion in her twenties. She thought she had come to terms with what happened, but when her first grandchild was born, all the emotions came flooding back. It was as if...

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We Find Ourselves in the Fourth Quarter of Life

Oct 04, 2021

In football, the "fourth quarter" is it. Time is running out. There are only a few opportunities left. 

If you're ahead, there is a feeling of anticipation of the win. Yet, there is also a feeling of holding the line. The defense has to work hard to preserve and expand your lead.  There may be just enough time to accomplish it all.  Or not.

If you're behind, there is a sense of urgency to pull ahead, to make that play that will turn the tides in your favor.  here is still hope...if even against all odds.

It's October!!  We're in the "fourth quarter" of 2021. Time is running out. There are only a few weeks left to accomplish all you intended to accomplish in 2021. Can you make it?

What about 2022? It's time to start setting those goals...and what will they be?

In golf, my husband wants to hit 200 yards on his drive before winter sets in. In his yard, he wants his grass to grow before it's too late for this year. 

For me, I want to double the size of my...

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Have You Ever Felt Like This?

Jul 26, 2019

When God asks you to do something new, is this how you feel? 

"Oh, I'm safe inside I have to come out of my shell?"

"It's comfortable here, must I leave my current cozy life?"

"I'm not sure God, do you really want me to do that?"

I remember the first time God asked me to do something.  I heard his voice.  I heard it distinctly.  I remember exactly where I was.  I was probably ten years into being Christian.

I hesitated.  I pondered.  I considered. 

He asked me to enter a contest on a Christian radio station. There was a deadline...I had about a month before the contest would be over. I had plenty of time; it wasn't urgent. 

I considered it again.  I waited.  It sat on my heart.

I kept hearing the radio ad....I started considering it more.

Then God gave me the exact idea to use...he gave me the words!

Okay.  I considered it again.

The idea was original and sweet, only something God could come up with.

The station...

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