I’m Linda Moore.

I am post-abortive and I’ve been healed.”

I have not always been able to say those words. Now that I can, I am here to guide you to complete healing.

Freedom from shame and secrecy

is just around the corner.


For many women, it is a deeply painful experience that is difficult to talk about. I was one of those women.

For fifty-seven years, I carried the shame and guilt of having had two abortions. I sought help from therapists and counselors, attended group therapy and workshops, went on spiritual retreats and seminars, read self-help books, and even attended abortion recovery Bible studies.

I was always searching because there was always something missing.

Through writing my story, I discovered this was the missing piece and it led me to the healing and restoration I have today. Through working together, you too, can experience this same healing from your story.


My Story


It's been a tough road...

But today, thanks to God's grace and mercy, I am free from the jaws and claws of abortion.

Through writing down my experience, forgiving myself, and coming to terms with what happened all those years ago, I was finally able to let go of the painful silence once and for all. And in doing so, I discovered a newfound sense of purpose, knowing that God has called me to use my experience to help others find their own healing.

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"If you're struggling to find healing after an abortion, forgiveness is the missing piece."

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