It's likely you are struggling with the aftermath of abortion.


Here you'll find Christ-centered resources to help you recover from your abortion emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

With God's help, you can heal from this and move forward into complete healing. 

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Leave Your Old Wounds Behind

Are you struggling to move forward after an abortion? My newest book written just for you, UNTOLD SECRETS and How to Heal From Them, is packed with scripture-based wisdom, empowering affirmations, and action steps that will direct you to the path of complete healing. 

It's time to to release your past and embrace the new life God has waiting for you.

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Why Your Story Matters



You Are Not Alone



Help Others Find Hope After an Abortion



There is Hope for Finding Peace



Moving Forward in Your Life After an Abortion


This book will change it all for you.

There is nothing out there like this.

This is the process God took me through and I'm sharing it with you in my Amazon Best Seller, along with my accompanying journal. 

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