Guiding you to complete healing from abortion.

Get the help you need to rewrite the story of your life as God has always intended it to be written and to be told.


You Are Not Alone

I am here with you. We march together. And together we stand.

You see, we all have wounds—some are just easier to see than others. Some are easier to share than others. But freedom and healing come from speaking the truth of your life and your story. 

And the enemy knows this. He knows that if he can get you to stay stuck in the pain of your wounds, you'll never be able to fulfill the destiny God has for you. So he will do anything to keep you from healing because true healing means freedom for you and defeat for him.

You’ve sought ways to heal.

In moments, you have experienced some relief.  

You’ve attended Bible studies;

Spoken with friends and clergy;

Prayed, and journaled.

For some reason, the shame, grief, and despair come barreling back around...these feelings that come from silencing the secret you're afraid to say out loud…the abortion from your past that you push down and hide.

You may feel guilty, ashamed, and alone. But it is important to remember that you are not alone. There are others like you who have experienced abortion(s). And others like me have been recovered, redeemed, and set free.


Leave Your Old Wounds Behind

Are you struggling to move forward after an abortion? My newest book written just for you, UNTOLD SECRETS and How to Heal From Them, is packed with scripture-based wisdom, empowering affirmations, and action steps that will direct you to the path of complete healing. It's time to release your past and embrace the new life God has waiting for you.

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My Journey to Healing

I never expected writing my story to heal me, but it did.


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Overcome the Pain of an Abortion

Here are some small steps you can take

to get your life back on track...created just for you.

My newest book:


and How to Heal From Them





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