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Who Are You and Why Are You Here? 

Five Biblical Reasons to Launch Your Legacy

written by Linda Moore

What you will learn:

• Be Crystal Clear About What the Bible Says

• Start Living Your Own Real Purpose

• Find Complete Peace


Linda Moore - Authority, Coach & Speaker


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"Linda has a keen sense of discernment and wisdom when it comes to witnessing to hurting men and women. Her "Berean" spirit and willingness to help others is truly a gift from God. She empowers Christian women to grow in their faith and walk with the Lord toward fulfillment, joy and complete peace."

"Linda Moore has partaken a project of her heart and soul. With her passion to teach and help others, she writes with genuine warmth and compassion. Her spirit-filled ideas, enthusiasm and enormous step out for God, are focused on those who suffer and need to find ways to heal."

"There is a certainty, genuineness and pleasantness in Linda's manner of speaking that leaves you feeling inspired and blessed. Spiritually, there is no ambiguity in Linda's faith and willingness to share the love of Jesus. She conveys a message of hope and how God's transformative presence and power is all around us.”

"Linda Moore is able to talk honestly and openly about what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Delivering a heart-felt eulogy, she provided insight into my Mom's life using a unique storytelling method and incorporating humor. Many of those in attendance commented afterwards on the uplifting nature of the service, of which Linda was integral."

"Linda's story is very well written and inspiring. We spend a lot of time writing our story in our minds. She has overcome and conquered the fears and excuses many of us make to delay facing the reality of our lifelong story. It is wonderful to see the happiness and contentment that comes when we take that step. Thank you for the kick in the pants!" Blog

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Download your FREE COPY NOW!

The 5 Best Ways to Launch a Lasting Legacy written by Linda Moore

What you will learn:

  • Be Crystal Clear About What Matters
  • Start Living Your Own Real Life
  • Break Out of Your Safety Net