Have You Ever Felt Like This?

When God asks you to do something new, is this how you feel? 

"Oh, I'm safe inside here....do I have to come out of my shell?"

"It's comfortable here, must I leave my current cozy life?"

"I'm not sure God, do you really want me to do that?"

I remember the first time God asked me to do something.  I heard his voice.  I heard it distinctly.  I remember exactly where I was.  I was probably ten years into being Christian.

I hesitated.  I pondered.  I considered. 

He asked me to enter a contest on a Christian radio station. There was a deadline...I had about a month before the contest would be over. I had plenty of time; it wasn't urgent. 

I considered it again.  I waited.  It sat on my heart.

I kept hearing the radio ad....I started considering it more.

Then God gave me the exact idea to use...he gave me the words!

Okay.  I considered it again.

The idea was original and sweet, only something God could come up with.

The station...

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